What is Home? As non Dutchies living in Amsterdam we are confronted with the question more often than others. We think of it as a never dying topic, as Time or Decisions or What if. The last two open a space for a hypothetical world with real regrets or dreams.

Globalization, new media and the fast development in technology are part of our decade. They challenge us every day and make us take a closer look at ourselves. With How the world sees me and the saying The apple never falls far from the tree we like to raise questions that refer to our identity and the perception of it.

The choice is a mix of timeless and contemporary topics that we found interesting. However, our interview partners are free to choose a topic they want to talk about. If there is something they are busy with or would like to share we are open for it.

Otherwise we have our box. In there you can find all the topics you have read about above. You just pick one and your time on the mangotree is just to begin.