Interview with Sven: “It’s impossible to please everybody”

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An interview with Sven Driesen. Topic: “Time”. We met Sven in the restaurant of the city theater of Amsterdam. Overlooking Leidseplein, we talked about what “time” means for him. An interview about having a good grip on your own life, priorities and why becoming a father was quite impactful for him.

Did your perception of time change after becoming a father?

Yes. Time goes by much faster. Planning and distributing my time became much more important. When can I go to work? When can I do other things? Is it possible to do things together? As I am much less busy with myself and much more busy with my daughter, time seems to fly. In a very different way than before. Also then I felt that time was passing fast but that was because I was doing more different things, which I don’t have time for now.

What would you say is your natural, individual way of using the time you have?

Next to work, I would always be searching for nice ways to spend my free time or take on extra projects besides my actual job.

You said that time passes faster now. Where does that speed come from?

I think through focussing on somebody else mainly and all the practical issues like maintaining a household that comes with it.

sven in restaurant

How do you feel about time running so fast?

Time running as fast as it does now makes it seem like I have less grip on my personal life. And myself in general, let’s say. That’s not always easy because I feel like I am less in touch with myself.

”Nobody is really busy in this world. It’s all a matter of priorities.” What do you think about this quote?

True. The sensation of being busy is something that you can manage but not everybody is good at it. Feeling busy has to do with the ability to deal with stimuli. The number of things that you need to be done with within a certain amount of time. The quality that you want to deliver. However, it’s a matter of choice making. If you want to do something, you can do it. If you can’t find the time for it, you make time and eventually you have time. I believe in that. I think that there are standard priorities like work, family, and basic needs, that require a certain amount of time.

What does time mean to you as a content maker? We guess that you want viewers to take the time and watch what you created.

I am not busy with people making time to watch my content. I want to create a good product.

For whom?

For myself. I want to be able to be proud of what I made.

sven on leidseplein

How do you deal with the conflict between your own ambition and the requirements and wishes of the market that you create content for?

Good question (Thank you). It was never my responsibility whether people would watch or not. Now I am still not sure if it’s my responsibility as we deliver on commission. Of course, there are tricks like having a good beginning. I always try and create a good opening so people get hooked and keep on watching.

Do you think that being concerned with the audience has an impact on the quality of what you create?

Yes. It’s impossible to please everybody. You have to make choices. I usually assume a certain knowledge and a certain taste. But then it’s about daring to stand behind what you made and daring to think that people are gonna like it.

Do you experience yourself as being creative in making a product for an audience?

Yes. I need to be creative in dealing with the means and the time that I have. I need to be able to react to sudden changes which I wasn’t prepared for. And I need to be able to imagine how to visualize content. That requires creativity. How would the format be? Which frames to shoot? How to ask questions? How to edit the product? Creativity is indispensable for that.

How is it for you to be interviewed and be the subject of a product?

I had expected more from it.

Last question: It’s your first Christmas as a dad. What do you expect from that?

I’m actually more busy with the fact that it’s my first Christmas in Italy. I’m looking forward to that!

sven on leidseplein

About Sven

Place of Birth: Gouda, Netherlands
Parents: Mother Catharina Josefina Maria de Rooij, better known as Carina (mother, babysitting, cleaning and volunteer work). Father Renoldus Bartholomeus Driesen, called René (chairman of a parliamentary group (left-green), student coach, making music)
Siblings: Half brother Carlos (17, student), Half brother Rokus (21, student and currently Sven’s intern), Half sisters Sanne (38, running a vegan restaurant) and Roos (19, student to be).
Study/Profession: Studied journalism. Now works as a director, journalist and content manager. Produces videos and films for the company Athlete Productions.
Age: 30
Nationality: Dutch
Relationship status: Married
Romantic or realistic? Romantic. Sometimes also realistic, because it’s impossible to live without it.
How many Facebook friends do you have? 500+
Adventure or Stability? Adventure
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
My favorite spot in Amsterdam: Utrechtsestraat
If I were a bitterbal, I’d be filled with… music
Sitting on a mangotree feels like… looking for stability