Sara: “I like to have my piece of time”

Sara on the beach


An interview with Sara Gianfieri. Topic: “Time”. We met Sara at the beach in Barcelona. She just moved here and we take the opportunity to visit her and enjoy a bit of a summer feeling. Surrounded by tourists and with a coffee in our hand, we talk about how Sara perceives time.

“No one is busy in this world, it’s all about priorities. What do you think?

I think that it is just so true. The hard part though is to understand which the right priorities are.

Priorities depend on choices.

Indeed. Actually, this is the even hardest part. You know time is something totally relative. You can create it, modify it and reduce it according to your necessities. However, it is not that easy to make the right choices for yourself, to dovetail things so that you can take 100% advantage of your time at the end of the day. I’m not that bad at doing so but I’m doing it in a very messy way.

Is it important for you to use your time efficiently?

I like to think that I’m not losing my time. Indeed, during the last years, time has become a more important value compared to when I was younger. When I was in high school, I used to enjoy losing my time, spending a day without doing a single thing. I guess that was because I had a lot of time back then. Now -as I’m working and I have more things and priorities that interest me- I realize how fundamental it is to me to efficiently organize time in order to use it at best.

Sara on terrace
What does it mean to you to lose time?

Losing time to me means not using it to do something that can be constructive for myself. Which basically means that it’s not what I do but how and why I do it. For instance, if I’m super tired and I decide to rest in bed all day long. That is not losing time as I know that it is totally necessary for me. On the other hand, if I spend all of my days lying in bed just because I’m too lazy to do anything else, then I do have the perception of having lost time, of having wasted an important resource.

What are you doing while time flows?

I see myself flowing with it. I watch the time flowing but at the same time, I feel I’m inside this flow. Yeah, this is the exact feeling I have. Normally it happens while I’m reading a book or doing a collage. Generally speaking, when I do things in order to slow down the rhythm, like when I’m having breakfast during my “Grasses Matinées” [Long Lazy Mornings of Mine].

Do you feel that you are more present and in the moment when you go with the flow?

Definitely. This flowing gives me the feeling that I’m taking time while observing myself, that I’m just simply flowing in life without always looking for a meaning related to making money. I guess, since I turned into an adult, I’ve been seeing time in terms of money I’m making and money I’m losing. Just observing the time flowing and doing nothing that might produce money it makes me feel more connected to the natural flow of life.

Sara with a cat

How do you manage to integrate your very personal way to perceive time in a world where time seems to be running and mostly everybody is running out of it?

I’d like to quote your first question: it’s all about priorities. Saving a slice of my life’s time just for myself so that I can spend it the way I prefer. This is indeed a priority. It is also true that in order to do so maybe I will have to run faster in other situations. Actually, there is a very dichotomic separation between work and spare time. In fact, I can be super dynamic and fast to run after working rhythms and, at the same time, I can totally slow down to enjoy my personal time, my Me time.

Is your personal perception of time giving you freedom or stress if you think of integrating it into the world?

Definitely freedom. It is like finding myself sheltered inside a bubble completely out of the world. I guess it’s my way to protect myself from the nowadays frenzy. Doing my things and I take my time to do them. Isolating myself from the world’s schedule which is much more severe and oppressive.

Time is already over. How were these 10 minutes for you?

Intense. 10 very intense minutes. Intensity also makes a big difference in my perception of time.

Sara in living room

About Sara

Place of birth: Senigallia (Italy)
Parents: Mother Paola, Pilates teacher, Father Francesco, Accountant
Siblings: Halfsister Giorgia
Learned profession: Master in foreign languages and literature, degree in translation of literature and education, busy with becoming a Counsellor, trying to produce a SitCom J
Age: 34
Nationality: Italian
Relationship status: In a relationship with Matteo
Romantic or realistic? I would like to be realistic but I’m afraid that I might be romantic. I try to stick to realism but I realize that my decisions are based on moods that are changing, so there is not much realism left.
How many Facebook friends do you have? Probably around 199 friends. More than half of it I have already met in person.
Adventure or stability: Adventure. Same here. I am looking for more stability but I mostly get caught by utopias.
Coffee or tea? If I have to choose one of the two, tea.
Favorite spot in Amsterdam or a city of choice: Café Brecht where vintage meets modernity, Italian Gastronomy meets German Literature and Dutch Beer and when she used to meet one of her favorite Human Beings.
If I were a Bitterbal, I’d be filled with… Fiori di zucca, Scamorza [Italian smoked cheese] and Jalapeños.
Sitting on a mangotree feels… like being on holidays.