Interview with Patrycja: “I am the gardener”

patrycja in a café in Amsterdam


Interview with Patrycja. Topic: “Home”. A topic that summarizes all kinds of question about grown-up identities, a sense of belonging and ideas about the future. Partycja came up with her own, very particular take on the topic. Reading it back, she had to laugh and wonders how she came up with this very poetic sentence which we partly chose as the headline for the interview. She is excited to see in the final format with the @streets_of_mango photography and so are we! Enjoy the read.

What is home for you?

I think it’s a warm place where I feel safe and somehow protected by the design of my own belongings. They create the stability for me and the protection somehow.

Is home something material then?

If I think about home I really think of the space I create myself. When I was young, home was where my parents were, but now I see home as the place where I live by myself.

A place that you create?

Yes, a place that I create to feel safe and comfortable. Where I come back. A spot to slow down.

Is home only material for you?

I think first it’s really like a space. Walls that protect me and the atmosphere I create inside.

Are you able to be more specific about what exactly makes you feel comfortable?

I think it is a place where I can do a lot of different things. I try to create a small multifunctional space in my house where I can relax, work and eat.

patrycja in the FOAM in Amsterdam

Would you call your place that you have here home?

Yes, definitely.

You talked also about walls, closed spaces. What is the space outside of the walls. Where does home start and where does it end for you?

I think it’s not only the space where I live but also the people I live with. They also are part of my home. I share my flat with two other girls and they are part of my home as well. I can’t say family but they also part of the space.

And beyond that?

When I am in the plane and I see Warsaw I also think I am at home. So it’s again a different kind of space. In a country that is not my place of birth, I narrow down the home to the flat. When I open the door that’s my home. But if I am in my flat in Poland and I go outside I don’t see any barrier.

Do you think in some years you can say the same about Amsterdam when you fly over it?

I don’t think so. I feel really good here but I always feel I am part of someone else’s culture.

Does it have to do with the feeling of belonging to a community?

Maybe yes.

If you think of the city center of Amsterdam or any place outside of your ‘walls’. Is there any place you could imagine feeling a sensation of home in?

A garden maybe (laughs). Yeah, a place where I am also familiar, open and natural. Surely a place that I like. Yet, it’s outside. You can have different gardens but only one house.

patrycja on the museumplein in Amsterdam

And what would your role be in this familiar space?

I think I am the gardener picking flowers.

What is it that makes you feel at home in the space outside of your created ‘walls’ or comfort zone?

I think it’s the language and the community I surround myself with. I have a lot of very good friends here but they are all in the same situation. They came here. I have only two friends that are Dutch.

patrycja on the museumplein in Amsterdam

Place of birth: Warsaw (PL)
Parents: Anja (translator) and Marek (hotel manager of his own hotel)
Siblings: Two half-sisters. One is 37 and the other 34 years old
Learned profession: Studying at Rietveld Academy specialization “Photography”
Age: 22 years young
Nationality: Polish/German
Relationship status: Single (at the time of the interview)
Romantic or realistic?  I think realistic. I also like to be romantic but in the end, I go for realistic. Also because it brings me further than just the romantic spirit which settles me down a bit too much.
How many Facebook friends do you have? Recently, I was deleting a lot of people. Maybe 200. So, really only people that I know and I would say hello on the street.
Adventure or Stability? Somewhere in between. I think I was a little bit more about stability. Since I am at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the people I met taught me to also go for the adventure.
Coffee or Tea? Coffee.
My favorite spot in Amsterdam: Museumplein.
If I were a bitterbal I’d be filled with… something vegetarian.

patrycja in the FOAM in Amsterdam