Interview with Michelle: “I’d like to show my vulnerable side”

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An interview with Michelle Ariës. Topic: “How the world sees me”. We met Michelle at her beautiful house in Amsterdam West and sat down in her living-room. Michelle was happy and excited to read the interview once it was transcribed. We feel the same and wish you a good read!

How the world sees me

I guess the world sees me as being honest, because I always say what I think even if it’s not always convenient. I think that I am spontaneous, present, at times sad. So probably the world sees me as an emotion.

What do people say about you which you don’t agree with?

Often people around me think that I’m a tough girl, but people that are closer to me know that I am actually quite sensitive. It’s not necessarily that I want people to think that I’m tough. I would like to show my vulnerable side. I realize that making honest contact works better when I’m open about how I feel.

Is the image of Michelle on Facebook and Instagram an emotional and vulnerable image?

I would not necessarily upload a photo showing “Well, I’ve just been crying my eyes out really hard!” however I would also not constantly post things to give the impression that everything’s great and beautiful. You’d then rather not hear from me for a while. In the past I used to care much more about how I’d come across and I felt terrible about photos which I thought I looked bad on. Nowadays I just think “Whatever!”. I became older and realized that things are usually not perfect. It’s now more important for me that people think I’m kind or a good person.

Can you show or create that kind of image on social media?

No, not really. I will not pretend that I’m walking from door to door for WWF to make people think I’m a good person. In that sense I’m not really bothered by how I come across on social media.

Do you think that people’s behavior is influenced by their awareness about social media?


So when do you think real contact between people happens? Imagine you meet someone you know from social media. When do you know you’re meeting the real person?

Once I went out and I met a girl whose account I’m following on Instagram. It was really nice to hear the voice behind the photos. The fact that during our meeting she could be her spontaneous self and express what she had thought about me (on social media) was great and the beginning of a real life friendship.

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What do you personally use social media for?

To get some insights on people around me. I find it great to see how aware or unaware people are in how they use social media. It’s interesting for me to see how some people can get so many followers suddenly and to understand why it is so important to have a lot of followers.

Do you think that social media can be dangerous or cause stress in people or in kids?

Sure. They create ideals without showing what the true story behind those ideals is.

How do you think social media will influence our lives in the future?

It will mainly be a new way of advertising in a very personalized way. I can see my neighbors wear things that look good on them. I can see what kind of food they eat or where they go out. A new way of very subtle product placement or unconscious advertising. […] However, when today’s target group will have understood how this industry rolls, something new will have to come.

Thank you for your time, Michelle!

P.S.: If you’d like to take a look and follow Michelle on social media, you can find her on Instagram,  Facebook, Tumblr & Pinterest.

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About Michelle

Birthday: Michelle Ariës, born on December 3rd, 1988 in Alphen aan de Rijn (Netherlands).
Siblings: Her brother Alexander aka. Lex is 25 years old and is currently studying and living in Den Bosch.
Profession: Michelle works as a content officer at OneFit meaning she is responsible for content writing, the organization of the Dutch social media and creating the company’s tone of voice towards the pubic and its customers.
Her father Ronald is a retired KLM pilot and her mother Helena Wilhelmina took care of kids and house after giving birth. Her parents have been divorced for 17 years.
Nationality: Michelle is 100% Dutch.
Romantic or realistic? More romantic than realistic
Amount of Facebook friends: She prefers to keep that a secret.
Adventure or stability? She likes being adventurous even though it gets her in trouble at times
Coffee or tea? Prefers tea over coffee.
Favorite spot in Amsterdam: Her house.
If she were a bitterballen she’d be filled with: Courgette and goat cheese.

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