Mango-Manifesto: “Take a seat and enjoy the view”

Building in Hamburg reflecting in foil


we are Claudia and Danilo, two mango farmers from Amsterdam. We haven’t always been mango farmers. To find out more information about our pre-farming lives, just click on our names.
We met in January 2015 in a Tetris like building in Amsterdam West where we were both attending a Dutch language course. That period was a clear turning point in both our lives. I, Claudia, had always worked as a journalist in Switzerland and then decided to come to the Netherlands for new adventures. I, Danilo, had just ended my dance career and found myself somewhere between my past and future life. One teacher (Bob was great), two expats, too many ideas!

Why we planted the mangotree

Considering our backgrounds in psychology and journalism, we both have always had a great fascination and deep interest in people’s stories. Meeting people whom we wouldn’t have met under different circumstances. Encounters that allow us to understand people’s motivations, wishes, ambitions and that let us understand the particular details that make each of us so unique.

By planting the mangotree we created a little oasis in the urban jungle. A place that is comfortable for people to feel free and share their thoughts or feelings. The image of sitting on a tree that clearly doesn’t exist in our city’s landscape is a metafore for offline encounters with people who are willing to explore the unknown oasis.

During 10 minutes we ask questions and give people we meet time and space to talk about topics which to us are representative and relevant for the time we live in. Contemporary interviews 2.0 #mangoview.

plantparty girl

University Bochum

Rome kitchen

Man with shaving foam

House in dunesMan on a boat