Interview with Louis: “Talk and talk and talk”

Louis thinking

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How the world sees me

Interview with Louis. Topic: “How the world sees me”. We met Louis in spring 2017. Louis is a French performer, dancer, and DJ who during the interview, expressed his concern with people not looking beyond his happy surface. An interview about happiness, authenticity and real contact. Reading it back, he thought it was super weird to be able to read a part of his thoughts said and recorded at a precise moment in his life. “Quite something”, he said. Enjoy the read and – Stay Mango.

Is there something people say about you which you totally don’t agree with?

They think that I am a happy person and full of joy.

Why are you not agreeing?

I can be a happy person if it is a good and beautiful day and I am in a good mood. But I don’t see myself as a joyful person. It’s more complex than that I think. Maybe that’s what you first see but it’s not my deeper essence.

People perceive you as a very positive person. Do you have an idea why?

I talk and smile a lot. Also, I am a very active person. I love to do a lot of things during the day and to go out. So people might think I am happy and on top of it because of that. But that’s not how it is.

You don’t feel happy?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Louis from back

When are you happy?

If I don’t think too much I am quite happy.

You feel that people don’t see you for who you are?

I think people just look at me and see me smiling and joking and everything is ok. It’s not like I cover myself, but I think that people often don’t try to go further and dig a little bit.

Do you feel bothered by the “happy” label you get?

Yes. I think it is just easy for others to see: “Oh you are in a nice moment of your life, you are having a lot of jobs, it is going well with the dancing and the music.”
I am against labels most of the time. Especially for the music but also for the dancing. I don’t even consider myself a dancer, but a mover. I generally don’t like to put myself into a box.

If you could choose a word that describes you best, which one would it be then?

Available or open. Attentive, being gentle.

If we compare the word you would choose and the word others choose for you, the difference lies in the detail, doesn’t it?


Louis through window

Happy is just a more general word but can also contain available, attentive and gentle?

Yes, it’s more specific indeed. Bringing the details to the person, this is it.

Do you think it has to do with choosing how you present yourself to the world?

Yes for sure. Everybody is judging or having their own impressions of someone based on that person’s choices. However, if I don’t make a choice, I will be judged anyway because I did not take part. That’s also a choice.

Would there be a way for you to be perceived as the available, open or attentive person that you are?

I think I’d need to communicate and talk and talk and talk.

Do old friends see you differently than friends you just got to know?

Yes. My childhood friends really see me. If we meet for an update they just see through me. If I talk a lot they ask: “What the fuck does that mean? Do you have a problem?” And I am like: “No, but yeah maybe.” They just can see me. It is incredible, I don’t know how. Also, we are not in contact every day or writing.

How does it feel to be seen?

I feel unsafe, naked. But it is also a relief that gives me freedom.

About Louis

Place of Birth: Angoulême (FR)
Parents: Annie (office employee) and Xavier (bank employee)
Siblings: Armelle (30 years old)
Learned profession: Dancer, works as a performer, music creator and DJ
Age: 26 years young
Nationality: French
Relationship status: In a relationship at the time of the interview
Romantic or realistic? Realistic
How many Facebook friends do you have? Over 1000 and I would recognize most of them on the street
Adventure or Stability? Adventure
Coffee or Tea? Tea
My favorite spot in Amsterdam: Café Brecht
If I were a bitterbal, I’d be filled with…falafel

Louis portrait