Interview with Koen: “Wow, this woman!”

Ana and Koen at table


An interview with Koen Olsman and Ana Vişan. Topic: “Love”. It was a cozy evening with pasta, red wine and a lot of fun. Ana and Koen were on holidays in Amsterdam, where they normally visit family and friends. After an Italian espresso and some delicious ice-cream, Ana and Koen were the first interview partners with whom we sat and talked about our new timeless topic. Love. It was serious but mostly a lot of fun! Reading it back, they thought it was not an easy interview.  

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Koen: Yes.
Ana: No.

Why not?

Ana: Because it happened to me that I thought I fell in love at first sight and when I got to know the person it was a no. Maybe it can happen, but it did not happen to me.
Koen: Not every time that it happened to me it worked but I believe in it.

Was it love at first sight when you saw Ana?

Koen: I remember I saw her in a small café and I was blown away. I know it sounds cheesy but I was telling myself: ‘If I can ever be with a girl like this, puh, but yeah’, I thought that it’s never going to happen. She did not give me a glimpse of an eye, she was not looking at me at all.

What do you mean with a girl like this?

Koen: At that moment, it was only the way she looked, because I did not know her at all. But she looked really…besides I thought she looked really beautiful, she also had this allure around her. A bit divaish but not too much. She was really like ‘Wow, this woman!’ At that time I was cocky enough to think that every girl was looking at me. But she really didn’t. I thought, what a woman!
Ana: (laughs) That was the reason he was so much into me because I was not looking at him.
Koen: No, no, no, that happened after.

What does it do to you when you hear him talking about you in this way?

Ana: I did not believe what he said. I am happy to hear this, but sometimes I am thinking: ‘Ok, what happened?!’ (joking around)

What happened?

Koen: What do you mean with what happened?
Ana: I was such an amazing woman and now. What happened?
Koen: What do you mean with what happened? We are together now.
Ana: I know I am exaggerating (laughs) but sometimes I think you thought those amazing things about me but then you did not really show it.
Koen: When I got to know you I was a little bit less enthusiastic (laughs).
Ana: Laughs out loud

Do you think that love fades?

Ana: No, no.
Koen:  Ours? No, no.

Do you think that men are more easily attracted, as you did not believe his words about you?

Ana: There was only one reason I did not believe him. He was with somebody else at that time and to me, he looked like a guy that doesn’t want to give up so easily on what he has, in general.

Love is something that comes and goes, do you agree with that?

Koen: No. Not always. Love can come and go away when it comes to men or women, but when it comes to other things it can always stay. Like love for music.
Ana: (laughs). No, I think love can come and go, but I also think…(interrupted by Koen)
Koen: You can also love until the end of time.

Do you still love your ex-partners?

Koen: No, not all of them.
Ana: Not all of them? (laughs out loud). Let’s talk about that a bit more. Which one?
Koen: The ones that ended happily, I respect them.
Ana: My ex-boyfriend I also care about him, but love?

What was your picture of love when you were children?

Ana: Roses, hearts and everything beautiful. Now: Growing old with somebody, have children and being together in good and bad days. Being together not only for the children, but because you like to be together.
Koen: When I was younger I thought about a family with three children, a golden retriever, and a car. I thought it was really easy and normal to have that. I turned more mature and realized, I want all of this. But it is not so easy. And you really have to work for it.

About Ana

Place of birth: Bucharest, Romania
Parents: Aneta (Stewardess), Ilie (Pilot)
Siblings: Single child
Study/Learned profession: Industrial Design, works as a Graphic Designer
Age: 25
Nationality: Romanian
Relationship status: In a relationship with Koen
Romantic or realistic? Realistic
How many Facebook friends do you have? Around 500
Adventure or Stability? I can not tell, perhaps both
Sitting on a mangotree feels like Funny
Coffee/Tea: Coffee
My favorite spot in Amsterdam: Foodhallen
If I were a bitterbal I’d be filled with…Cheese

About Koen

Place of birth: Zweeloo, Nederland
Parents: Inge Olsman (Orthoptist), Gerrit Olsman (Referent)
Siblings: Jelmer
Study/Learned profession: I studied 5 things, but did not finish any of them (drums, journalism, pedagogy, drama), works as a musician and in blind retail industry
Age: 28
Nationality: Dutch
Relationship status: in a relationship with Ana
Romantic or realistic? Romantic and realistic
How many Facebook friends do you have? Around 500
Adventure or Stability? Adventure
Coffee/Tea: Coffee
My favorite spot in Amsterdam: Café Zurich
If I were a bitterbal I’d be filled with…Drumsticks
Sitting on a mangotree feels like Like I am a Rolling Stone member that did something wrong. (Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones climbed up a tree and fell off of it in 2006).

Ana and Koen portrait on sofa