Interview with Jochem : “Facebook is shallow”

Jochem on escalator

Digital Communication

An interview with Jochem Schutte. Topic: ” digital communication”. We met Jochem at a traditional café in the center of Amsterdam. With some white wine and the sun shining on our face, we talked about digital communication. It came up because Jochem recently disabled his Facebook. Reading it back he said that he had nothing to add. Enjoy the read and as usual – Stay Mango!

You said you disabled your facebook account, can you explain why?

First, I don´t care much about fake friends, the people that you just have on facebook. I never had many friends on facebook, maximum 100. I know them in person. Once in three months, I went through my friend’s list and if I did not speak to that person or did not care, I deleted them. I don´t care I don´t need it, it´s a noise in my life. I don’t feel the need to hear about someone’s boring life.

Do you prefer face to face contact?

No. Ehm, I am not really good at face to face contact.

So social media would be perfect for you?  

Social media would be kind of perfect for me. When I grew up, I had a lot of digital friends. I played this game, where I knew most people from. It was a website and you played the game on it. I was 16 when I played the game and I had Messenger to communicate with them. That was perfect. I was and still am not very social, it’s not my thing because I am a really introvert person.

Jochem on stairs

Did an internet friendship ever become real?  

Yes. When I was 17, I had this one guy I talked a lot on messenger and we became close. He lived in the States and he went on a Europe trip. He also stopped in Holland where we actually met.

How was it to see him?

It was obviously super weird. My grandparents were there too. And it was actually funny because I messed up the dates. So we were there the day before. It was weird, but we talked for half a year or something so it was also supernatural in some way.  It was pretty natural actually, great fun.

Hearing all this we assume that digital communication is perfect for you?

Yes, definitely. I work as a programmer, I have to focus a lot. At work, we have this chat program that helps me to canalize the communication. I can choose when I want to answer or be disturbed by colleagues.

And why does Facebook not fit into your digital communication?

It’s shallow. It’s communication as in it’s sending and receiving, but it´s not a deep conversation.

Jochem in front of glass wall

How do you communicate best?

I like face to face communication but not meeting someone in the bar. I never liked the “Hey how are you?” conversation. But I enjoy the face to face communication with someone I know and I want to talk to. Someone that wants to talk to me too, a deep conversation not the shallow thing.

Which digital channels do you use?

WhatsApp and iMessage. The chat programs that are one on one.

But you have also one on one on Facebook?

But then it’s only the messenger of Facebook.

You don´t like facebook very much, do you?

I was actually in the States when it came out. I was probably one of the first people in Holland to use it. At that time you needed to study there to log in. So I used it to stay in contact with the people I met there and to see what they are doing. But after a while I was thinking, what they are doing is not interesting to me.

But Facebook can be a good supplier for staying in contact with friends that are living all over the world, right?

It’s a supplier but not the supplier.

Is there another way to stay in contact with people you see randomly but you want to see how their lives are?

Maybe Instagram or Snapchat.

What was the main reason to ban Facebook?

I just did not care anymore. I was just on there to do something, to waste time. I could do something else in that time.

What else do you do now in that time?

I read blogs or use youtube for music and lately, I watched a lot of cooking videos, and that is a good thing.

Place of Birth: Soest, Netherlands
Parents: Mother Annemieke (teacher), father Johan (Technical Engineer)
Siblings: Sister Tamara
Profession: Programmer
Age: 29
Nationality: Dutch
Relationship status: In a relationship
Romantic or realistic? Both, depending on the situation.
How many Facebook friends do you have? I disabled my facebook, without a farewell message.
 Adventure or Stability? Both
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
My favorite spot in Amsterdam: Club Bitterzoet and walking around in the city center
If I were a bitterbal, I’d be filled with? Lamb, because I want to try that
Sitting on a mango tree feels like: Sounds pretty sunny so it’s good

Jochem on escalator