Interview with Claudia Müller: “Curiosity is my juice of life”

Claudia in hotelroom
Photo credits to Sven Driesen. Check his Flickr here.

An interview with Claudia Müller. Unlike all other interviews, this one happened in form of a written chat. I typed in the question, Claudia answered spontaneously. Reading it back, she finds herself sounding pretentious. I disagree, so here you go. Have a great read!

What do you like about people?

That they are all unique in their way. So cliché I guess. But honestly, I don’t like people that much. Especially not in masses. That’s why I like the mangotree. It’s a closed space – no entry for too many of us on the same time.

Why do you get bothered by big groups?

I think most of the time big groups or masses kind of show a primitive human side. That might be true and honest. But I am a fan of beauty in general and small pretty things in life.

Why did you choose language and writing as a path for your life?

It came naturally to me. As a bilingual struggling with my mother tongue in early years I used to write to get better through college and through teenage years. After hard work I found myself sitting on a tree. A comfort zone that I created myself and where I can find myself.

What does curiosity mean to you?

To never stop discovering, learning and to never get old! Curiosity is my juice of life. The most healthy drug I know.

Claudia taking a look at Manhattan

Do you get bored easily?


When, in your Amsterdam daily-life, do you most realize that you’re Swiss?

Every time I walk down the steep stairs that are a characteristic for the small houses in Amsterdam. In Switzerland houses are bigger and less cosy I think.

And every time I am in contact with Dutch people. They are more easy going and open for a fun night out. Also they seem less busy with other peoples judgment or opinion. I think you can walk naked through the city and nobody would really turn around to stare – except tourists I guess. And if you stand in the shop and there are other 10 people waiting – they just go on with their work on the same pace. They take their time for every customer. That can sometimes be irritating when you are in a hurry. On the other hand I found it admirable. As nothing could really bother them. Ever.

You’re a Swiss-Italian living in the Netherlands frequently switching between (Swiss-)German, English, Italian and Dutch. Do you get confused about your own identity at times?

No. I am always Claudia.

Did becoming a mom have an impact on that?

No. Why do you think that?

I would imagine that it would change your perspective on life quite a lot. Like what your priorities are, what you want for your future, how you organize your life…everything. I guess a very non-feminin idea!?

Not really non-feminin but interesting idea. Why should becoming a mom change my identity?

Because there’s a mini-you in the world now. A living mirror in a way. Are you interviewing me now?

Haha. Well, the mini-me does enrich my life and add some new facet to my identity. Perhaps you have to ask me again in some years. I am a newly mom, perhaps not really aware of the impact yet.

A big sigh of relief on behalf of other moms perhaps reading this interview 🙂 Everything is how it’s supposed to be. Picture perfect. Thank you Claudia!

About Claudia

Birthday: 20 December 1980
Siblings: Mauro Müller
Profession: Writer/Teacher
Parents: Janna Odetti, Ernst Müller

Nationality: CH/I
Romantic or realistic? Both. I am romantic, as long as it can become real!
Amount of Facebook friends: Doesn’t matter, but nice to have some real friends.
Adventure or stability? I can’t live without both of them.
Coffee or tea?  Both! First tea than coffee.
Favorite spot in Amsterdam: There too many. But ‘the place beyond belief’ (Noord) feels always like going on a spiritual short trip.
If she were a bitterballen she’d be filled with: Fleischchäs! (Swiss traditional kind of meat)