Sit with us

What you can expect

You write an email to¬†or contact us through Facebook saying that you’d like to take a trip to the mango oasis.

The mango farmers will schedule an appointment somewhere in the urban jungle. Ideally a place where you feel comfortable.

To warm up, there will be a brief questionary which is the same for everyone. You can find it below every blog post.

You can choose whether you talk about something that keeps you busy or whether you pick a random topic from our box.

We talk for 10 minutes and enjoy the beautiful view from the tree.

All of us will leave the oasis feeling rejuvenated.

Technical information & disclaimer

All interviews are first recorded with a voice recording app and later literally transcribed by one of us.

Before publishing, we will edit the interview to maintain a maximum length that we decided for. It can therefore happen that

parts of the interview will not appear in the published post. However, we won’t change the context of the spoken words. In that

sense we will never censor, enhance or play any of the content down.

Not all interviews are done in English. Since we decided for English to be our publishing language, the content that you read on may have been translated to English. We will always try and keep the essence, tone and intention of

the sentences as originally spoken and recorded. However, we can not fully avoid the subtle changes that might occur throughout

the translation process. Also neither of us are native English speakers. If at any time word choices and translations cause you

trouble, please let us know and we’ll fix them after checking your advice.


The authors of 10 Minutes On A Mangotree sitting on a sofa